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Anime North photos of me: FRIDAY

So here is how my Friday went down basically
We got ready in the morning, and finally got around to coming to the con at 6:00PM. We ended up standing in the line to get your badges if you preregistered….for THREE HOURS.
There were just too many people there, and the AN staff REALLY wasn’t organized at all =_=
SO…we didn’t even end up getting in until about 9:00PM. And about that time, we didn’t have that much time to shop around. But the first thing I did was go see ocean at her artist table! ;v; ahhh I was so excited to see her again~ it lifted up my bad mood from the bad line wait! I bought some prints from her, got a hug a picture, and even saw morwen there as well! It was pretty exciting for me *A*
I didn’t get to talk to ocean much though, she was busy;; But I DID creep her out by making some creppy fat shemale take our photo 8D
Sooo I bought a print from Saku too, some rings, a keychain. And then just hung around my group at the flea market. We finally got around to eating dinner at 12AM. OMG we were HUNGRY AS FUCK.
So yeah, I spent most of my hotel night with my cousin just eating and chilling, and we finally went to sleep at 2:30AM

Going to make my Anime North Saturday photoset now!